Our Story

Who are we?

Aria Psychology was established by Clinical Psychologist, Dr Enza De Pino, as a result of her dedication to helping improve and maintain the emotional and psychological wellbeing of adults using effective, evidence-based therapies.

Our Mission

Our mission at Aria Psychology is to provide an exceptionally high quality Clinical Psychology service to adults, from early adulthood through to the senior years.

We see each person as an individual, with their own story, strengths, and expertise in their own life.

We aim to reduce stigma and to build awareness that life can be challenging for everyone at times.

We strive to be a non-discriminatory and inclusive practice that welcomes people from all walks of life.

We also aim to work collaboratively with and to provide consultation to other health professionals including GPs, Psychiatrists, and allied health practitioners.


Our Values

In all of our interactions with clients and other professionals, we are committed to acting in accordance with Aria Psychology’s core values of:

Respect – we value an open, accepting, and non-judgemental approach to others and have regard for every client and professional

Autonomy – at all times we aim to maintain respect for your role as the expert in your own life and for your right to autonomy

Individuality – we tailor therapy to your individual circumstances, personal goals for therapy, and individual strengths

Growth – we promote emotional and psychological growth and wellness through increased awareness and insight.  Through our use of evidence-based therapies, we aim to help you to develop skills that will not only help with current difficulties, but will also be useful for maintaining your psychological and emotional wellbeing into the future

Excellence – We are focused on providing the highest quality care and using evidence-based therapies

Professionalism – We are registered with the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) and must adhere to rigorous professional standards in order to maintain registration. As members of the Australian Psychological Society (APS), we adhere to the strict standards of conduct and professionalism as outlined in the APS Code of Ethics and Charter for Clients.